Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center
Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center

Our Team

Alkawthar LC's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our institution.

Mrs.Ohood  Al Omar




 Director/Teacher for the Arabic immersion & Qur'aan programs.


Professional developmant

Earned her B.S. degree in Biology from Al Yarmouk university Irbid/Jordan.


Earned her B.A. degree in Arabic language arts and literature/Islamic Studies from the American Open University/Washigton D.C.
Earned a M.Ed. degree in Islamic Education (curriculum planning and teaching methodology) from the same university.
Worked as an Arabic/I.S. teacher at Ar-Rahman weekend school.
Was Head of the Islamic studies department/I.S.& Middle School Islam teacher at Orange Crescent School.
Was Head of the Islamic studies department/I.S. teacher at ICOI weekend school.
Youth group mentor for highschool and college students.
Successfully completed a number of programs and workshops related to the teaching profession.
Founder,director & teacher @ Alkawtharlc
2014- current


Mrs.Ayaat Awad

Arabic language teacher/Qur'an teacher



Arabic language co- teacher for Mommy & Me, and Level 1 Co- teacher


Professional developmant




Earned her B.A. in psychology and minor Sociology from Birzeit university, Ramallah/ Palestine

Certified by the Ministry of the Islamic Waqf Foundation for the tajweed and memorization of the last 8 chapters of the Qur'an.


Was an attentive general teacher at Rumoon Kidergarten/Palestine.


Successfully completed a number of programs and workshops related to teaching and behavioral therapy at Star Mountain Center in Ramallah/Palestine.


Worked as a speech therapist at the Palestine Red Crescent Society.


Completed a number of training courses in mental health and psychotherapy methods at (TRC) in Ramallah/Palestine.








Mrs. Jihan Babli



Teacher for the Arabic immersion & Qur'aan programs.

for the Mommy & Me & 1st & 2nd levels.

Professional developmant.


Earned her B.A. degree in Political science from Al Jordan university Amman/Jordan.
Earned the Cambridge International Cetificate for teachers and trainers.
2015 -current
A member of Chris Stevens Youth Network
Earned the outstanding award for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
Worked at AlHasad AlTarbawi in the international department as a science & social studies teacher.
2018 - current
Works at alkawthar learning center
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