Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center
Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center

Our Team

Alkawthar LC's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our institution.

Ohood  Alomar




Director/Teacher for the Arabic immersion program


Professional Development:

Earned her B.S. degree in Biology from Al Yarmouk University Irbid/Jordan.

Earned her B.A. in Arabic language arts and literature/Islamic Studies from the American Open University/Washigton D.C. 



Earned a M.Ed. in Islamic Education (curriculum planning and teaching methodology) from the same university.
Worked as an Arabic/I.S. teacher at Ar-Rahman weekend school.
Was Head of the Islamic studies department/I.S.& Middle School Islam teacher at Orange Crescent School.
Was Head of the Islamic Studies Department/I.S. Teacher at ICOI weekend school.
Youth group mentor for highschool and college students.
Successfully completed a number of programs and workshops related to the teaching profession.
Founder,director & teacher at Alkawthar Learning Center

lamis Assaf

Arabic Language Teacher



Arabic language Co-teacher for Mommy & Me, and Level 3 teacher.


Professional Development:

B.A in English Literature from Damascus University.



More than fifteen years of Arabic Language teaching experience.


Currently teaching Arabic language to heritage and non- heritage students on Saturdays and Summer camps.


Taught children from (pre-k to middle school) at the Islamic School of Rhode Island focusing on class engagement and making the learning experience as interesting as possible for the students.


Taught Arabic Language at Little Village School in Damascus.







Join Our Team!

Al Kawthar Learning Center is now hiring:


Part-Time Arabic teacher


Aplicant MUST have:

Experience teaching Arabic to children ( 4-12)

A minimum of 6 college credits in a developmental field (child development, child psychology)

Experience speaking Classical Arabic

A passion for teaching and working with children


Please email your resume and a cover letter to alkawtharlc@gmail.com


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