Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center
Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center

Charter Schools: Our Arabic Immersion programs are available for Charter Schools and do not contain any religious material. Charter School programs are completely secular. 

Summer Camp:

Language Summer Camp


Due to the current public health situation surrounding COVID-9, Summer Camp will be cancelled for 2020. Instead, we are opening enrollment for online classes in the month of July.

Arabic Programs

Introducing our newest program: Online Family Arabic Time!

Starting this summer, the class will be offered twice a week at a convenient time for your family. For inquiry, give us a call at (714)785-7006.

Classical Arabic Immersion Program


Our “ Immersion” program is our center’s trademark and the first in California. It is directed towards children (age 2 & up). During each session, children will be introduced to the Classical Arabic language through the total-immersion method, where language is acquired through a Play-Based Curriculum that includes: conversations, language games, arts & crafts, free play, storytelling, songs, and lots of fun activities.


We have 6 levels in this program:


Classical Arabic Mommy & Me


This unique program allows little toddlers to be exposed to classical Arabic at a very early stage of their lives, which allows them to learn it even faster than older children because they are uninhibited by the fear of making mistakes, which can be an obstacle for older beginners. 


Arabic level 1


Arabic (101) is your basic and second step to learning the Arabic language. The program focuses on the four basic language arts (listening, Speaking, reading, and writing) with a stronger emphasis on listening and understanding at this stage. The class is conducted through the immersion method using a variety of nonconventional techniques that keep children engaged and challenged. It is also a pre- requisite for any other advanced Arabic program.

This program is offered Monday - Friday for 3-4 hours from (8:30:am- 12:30pm.) 



Arabic levels 2 & 3


In each of these levels, our highly skilled instructors use these immersion techniques in order to build on the students knowledge of the Arabic language with a stronger emphasis on all four basic language arts (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). These programs are offered for 3-4 hours a day, Monday - Friday (8:30am -12:30pm). 


Arabic Levels 4 & 5 


In each of these levels, our instructors focus more on the activities that lead to advanced language production and understadning. They also focus on the skills that teach students how to be self-directed learnersof the classical Arabic. 

These programs are offered Tuesday & Thursday for 3-4 hours from (8:30:am- 12:30pm). 


Arabic Level 6 (Online Only)


Offered Tuesday and Thursday.




Fall Programs

Fall Programs will start the week of September 1st

Mon /Wed/ Fri classes begin September 4th

Tue / Thur classes begin September 3rd

Saturday private lessons begin September 5th 

Quran Program:

Qur'aan Memorization


This special and highly popular program is geared towards children (4-13) years of age who wish to learn how to read the Qur'aan properly and understand its general meanings. The class is taught by experienced teachers in this field and meets for half an hour twice per week and runs from September through May.




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