Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center
Welcome to Al-Kawthar Learning Center

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Ms. Ohood has a very thorough curriculum and she pours her heart & soul into every activity. Our son's language and ability to express in Arabic improved dramatically over the course of a year. From an emotional aspect, the children feel comfortable in the classroom environment and as a result our son is more at ease with himself.
It’s obvious Ms Ohood is well versed in curriculum development. She customizes the courses, the activities and there is a goal behind every session. Nothing is random or adhoc. We placed our son in two other schools, and Al Kawthar is unmatched. We drop off our son knowing his safety is the best hands. It’s almost like we are leaving him with another mother. Ms. Ohood and her staff are very caring and patient. Highly recommend"

- Nariman Hadhoud  July 31st 2017

"I've been meaning to write a review for sometime. I'm glad I didn't get a chance earlier coz I'm truly blown away with my sons progress now. My son started at the center when he was 5 and a half years old going in knowing the arabic letters .
* He started with his age group. The principal noticed that he knew the letters instead of keeping him there and telling me it would be a good review for him ( that's what happened to my friends son at a different School and the kid got really behind) Ohood the principal took him and a couple of other kids opened a new level for them and she started teaching them!
*Hands on principal. She has no problem to roll up her sleeves and dig in. she makes sure she teaches the Islamic studies so she knows exactly the information the kids are getting which for me is a big big thing . Not only that ,she makes it fun too .I asked my son who is ur favorite teacher ,to my surprise he said Ohood the principal when I asked why, he simply replied because she is funny and kind . What a way to get the kids interested .I guess that's the secret combinatio
* She has the homework posted online so there is no confusion to what it is, or missing doing the H.W coz papers are lost or missing 
*I had to make a choice between going to a close center 10 min drive or driving an extra 40 miles and wake up an hour and a half earlier on Saturday to take him to Al kawthar center. I'm sooo glad that I did the drive ! After a couple of months my son now is borrowing Arabic books from the library center to take home read and return the next Saturday .what an achievement! While my friends that stayed local their kids are still learning how to write alphabet letters !
Note. Don't get me wrong .to get him to that point I was putting in the time as well . It was a team work . It takes two to tango ;)"


-Tamara Sakkal April 22, 2016  

"I can not say enough about Ms.Ohood and her staff. My sons have been attending Al Kawthar since September 2015. They go twice a week for 2 hours each evening and they have made significant progress in a short time. My oldest son is stubborn and can be difficult to work with at times but Ms. Ohood has NEVER given up or been phased by him. She instead has showered him with patience, persistence and positive reinforcement. He now reads and writes and while he is able to recite many Surahs from the Quran, we have opted to focus more on the meaning and understanding than just reciting. Ms. Ohood had been happy to fulfill our request and I have truly seen a difference in my son. Now he is much more interested and asks questions about the meaning of the Surat. 
We have had a busy year due to travel and other school obligations yet the staff has been so accommodating and worked tremendously with our ever changing schedule. My middle son is very quiet and at times I wasn't sure he was retaining what they were teaching him. However, I was amazed at how much he actually knew. Prior to coming here they did attend another Islamic/Arabic school but he had not gotten much out of the Arabic aspect of it. Since beginning Al Kawthar he know recognizes all of his Arabic alphabet and their sounds. He writes them and is able to answer simple questions. It may not seem like a lot but it is quite significant for us given where he started. 
Bottom line, Ms.Ohood and her staff are amazing. She loves what she does and she genuinely cares for each and every student. Her passion is evident and she really focuses on the needs of each child, which speaks volumes to me. Her staff shares her passion and they make learning fun. My youngest will be joining his brothers in the fall and I am excited to see all the growth to come."

-Daiana El-Baba  June 18,  2016
"I have been lookin for a place like this for my children for a long time. It's important to me that my kids' exposure to Quran be relevant to them so that they grow to love the Quran and feel that they could relate to it. 
After signing my son up for the Ramadan Quran program this summer, he got exactly that. Mrs. Ohood is so wonderful at connecting with the students and connecting them to the Quran. I loved seeing my son devour the knowledge she shared, and he looked forward to the creative related activities that they did each week. I love how they make it a point to bring the Quran to life. We will be back inshaAllah along with our friends! Thank you Al Kawthar!"
-Hoda Shawky  
June 30, 2016 

"I had an awesome experience with this center! My 3 children attended the Quran Oasis summer camp and not only did they learn lots of information, but they had a great time. They did so many art projects, games, and they were eager to go every day! !!"

-Faten Sebei  July, 2015

"This is our second year at Al Kawthar, my 9 and 10 year old children have learned so much from private Quran and Arabic lessons. We have tried several other schools and instructors in the past, the way they teach at Al Kawthar is very special. The children learn Quran in a fun and interactive way that allows them to enjoy and understand the stories and meaning of the Ayah's along with memorizing. The arabic lessons are also very beneficial as they are able to grasp the meaning and concepts while having fun. We really appreciate the dedicated and caring teachers who truly want our children to learn Arabic and Quran."

-Sumaya Dakhil  April, 10  2016

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Sr. Rabia and Sr. Ohood and have great respect and admiration for them and their work ethics. I strongly believe that the children in their care are very lucky."

- Zakia  August, 2015

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